DBAR ICoE-Columbia

Launched Time
November 14, 2018

University of South Carolina, USA

Focal Person
Cuizhen Wang


On November 14, 2018, the inaugural meeting of DBAR International Center of Excellence at Columbia (ICoE-Columbia) held in Columbia, South Carolina, the US. It is established as a joint center between the University of South Carolina (UofSC) and the Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences (AIRCAS). The center is co-chaired by Prof. WANG Cuizhen and Prof. Susan Curter at UofSC and Prof. ZHANG Li at AIRCAS, and is built upon collaborative activities with Hazards & Vulnerability Research Institute, Center for GIS and Remote Sensing, and a group of on-campus, statewide and international programs. DBAR ICoE-Columbia is one of the priorities ICoE of Digital Belt and Road (DBAR), and the third program of the big Earth data Science Engineering Project (CASEarth) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Strategic Priority Research Program (A).

ICoE Columbia focuses on the utilization and dissemination of big Earth data to promote international collaboration on Earth Observations for sustainable development of coastal zone. The primary objectives are to: 1) enhance effective implementation of big Earth data in monitoring coastal environments  under the influence of human activities and climate change; 2) apply the technical achievements in the study of coastal zone of the Maritime Silk Road to address its environmental changes, disasters and recovery; and 3) strengthen capacity-building through education, training, talent exchange, and technology transfer, so as to enhance human’s scientific understanding of coastal zone.